About WebFresh Alternatives

The seed for WebFresh Alternatives was planted because the owner, already having a degree in Computer Science, was asked to help a friend with their web design classes. Kariamu would sit at the desk, ask for a copy of the assignment, scan through a few pages in the textbook and just start coding and explaining, until the project was complete. The response to, “Why aren’t you doing this full-time?” was always, “I don’t want to just code. I want to communicate and help people.”

Fate, knowledge, the strong desire to share that knowledge and, last but not least, the desire to build something great are the primary reasons WebFresh Alternatives was born. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, the founder and owner, Kariamu Kamau, has always had the mentality to serve. That humanitarian mindset is the heartbeat of WebFresh Alternatives. From the staff to the clients, it is understood that everyone matters and everyone is equally important.

The WFA Team is dedicated to growing with our clients by meeting their needs and surpassing their expectations with our products and services. Our custom website designs are always built based on client necessity.

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